A Comparative Analysis Between Manual And Automatic Transmission

Transmission can be referred to as the methodology that helps the driver to change the gear ratios of a car as and when it moves. Now this can be done manually as well as automatically. The automatic technology helps the driver to get rid of the tedious task of changing the gears manually. In this article, let us get into a comparative analysis between the two forms – automatic and manual.

Automatic technology


This is the understandably, the more advanced version that is suitable for negotiating the heavy traffic of a city roadways. This provides the drive a lot of ease to drive through the traffic snarls where there are more starts and stoppages. Having the automatic variety means that the driver does not have to change the gear each time he reduces the speed at signals and jams. In short, this form of technology is perfectly suited for urban driving, especially when the driver is relatively new and inexperienced.


The primary disadvantage is that the system is pretty expensive. Generally this type of system would cost around $500 to $1000 while the ones with certain valued-added features would cost even more. That is the reason if you are looking to save money, you can opt for the manual form.

Besides, when it comes to maintaining the automatic technology it is pretty expensive as well. The mechanics is pretty complicated and hence repairing and maintenance of the system is pretty tedious and hence asks for a fair amount of investment. Again, as per the experts if the factor of fuel consumption is taken into account this is not an ideal technology, especially with the fuel prices on a steady rise. In view of this, majority of the cars that ply the European roads have manual systems in spite of remarkable development in the automobile technology in Europe.

Manual technology


Now let us come to the manual system. The manual technology helps you to have superior control over the gears. This is ideal when you are driving on a poor road and in poor weather conditions.

In case you have a flat tire or a technical glitch for which the car needs to be towed or in case you need to tow another vehicle, it will help you if you have manual transmission. Besides, it is much cheaper and is easy affordable and it is far easier to repair – in fact, with a little bit of knowledge you can yourself fix any issue if it is not too complicated.

The most important factor is that a manual system provides you a complete and satisfactory driving experience that an automatic system will never be able to give.


However, this system is not suitable for those who do not like the tedious task of changing gears during driving or those who have the bad habit of getting easily distracted while driving. If you do not like to constantly deal with clutch & gear during a long drive, this is not your cup of tea. Opt for the automatic one instead.

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