Car Rental in Kuwait – 3 Tourist Attractions to Drive To

Considering getting a car rental in Kuwait but not sure the expense is worth it? Go ahead, and do it. A rented vehicle is a must in Kuwait because the country is mostly surrounded by a lot of deserts. All it takes is a short walk on the street for you to get sand particles inside your mouth. Clearly, the safest way to travel in Kuwait is by renting your very own vehicle. The upside to this arrangement is that you can cover more distances in shorter time. Here are some of the attractions that you may want to check out.

Failaka Island – If you’re an archaeological junkie, stop by Failaka Island. There you will find a Greek temple as well as some Greek and Bronze Age relics.

Al Jahra – In the old days, traditional style sambuks and boums were built mostly in Al jahrah. They still are, actually, but the old-school boats built there are no longer used for trading or pearl fishing, but rather for recreation or decoration.

The Cliffs of Kazmah Desert- Want a great view of the bay? Drive straight through Road 80, then turn right to go to Road 801, then Bubiyan. Once you’re there, take the first exit you see and then turn left. This should take you directly to the cliffs of the Kazmah Desert. Many young Kuwaitis frequent this area on weekends to race their Quads and Jeeps uphill. The Kazmah is one of the few elevated areas in the Kuwaiti desert so you can get a great view of the bay while you’re there.

What will soon become clear to you as you stay in Kuwait is that the country is largely a huge, uninhabited desert. The quickest route to anywhere desert-like is any of the following:

Northward on Road 801 Westward on Road 70 Southward on Road 306

Don’t worry if you’re unable to remember these three routes, however. If you stay long enough on any road from the city, you’re bound to end up at a place where there is nothing but sand!

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