Questions About Kids and 90cc ATVs

If you are planning to get your kid a 90cc ATV, there are many options, but instead of spending money for the expensive ones, you should buy the lower-end, inexpensive ones like 2007 DRR DRX 90 model of Taiwanese make, which is indeed a charming tiny playful ATV. Newer models […]

Prevent Car Theft With Glass Etching

Phoenix, Arizona, achieves #4 in the list of top 10 cities with the highest vehicle theft! (2004 National Insurance Crime Bureau [NICB]) In 2002, Arizona had the highest car theft rate in the United States, with the vast majority occurring in Maricopa and Pima Counties. According to the Arizona Automobile […]

A Discussion on SUV Cars in India

India is probably home to one of the biggest car-using populations in the world. This makes this country a favorite breeding ground for the world’s top automakers. The majority of the most respected automakers of the world even have their own vehicle manufacturing and assembling units in India. In this […]

Battery Reconditioning For Beginners

Reconditioning an aged battery is quite easy. Reviving or rejuvenating a battery, which to all intents and purposes is dead, can be successful up to 70% of the time. Obviously you need to learn how to recondition and rejuvenate a battery, but with the right instructions it doesn’t take very […]

Reasons To Consider A Used ATV Versus New

The popularity of the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in the United States is astonishing. From its introduction in the 1960s, off-roading has become a cultural phenomenon. Prized by both motorcycle and off-road enthusiasts, the diminutive vehicle recently crossed over to the mainstream. How do we know? According to research, there are […]