Functions of a Digital Door Lock System

In this age of digital technology, every device and operation has become digital based. Now with digital based door lock systems, it is easier to control the door movement of the car or house. The new automated door lock system does not need a key to lock or unlock the door of the car or house. This digital door entry system is in fact controlled by a keyless entry remote.

The keyless door remote is an electronic circuit based device. This remote transmits radio signals via air to another device of the system installed in the car door or house door. The remote device of most digital appliances can be operated with either single or double batteries. The keyless car remote can be operated from a distance of up to 75 to 500 meters.

The working of a keyless remote is similar to the remote of a digital music player system like LCD television. However, some advanced digital remotes of a car lock system work on the entry number. A car owner has to press that entry number on the remote for controlling the movement of his car doors. The entry number is unique in nature and so is the remote device of an automatic keyless system. The remote of one keyless system cannot work on another system of a similar type.

The special feature of a keyless automatic door system is that it cannot be opened or closed manually. This digital system also carries an alarm signal which starts beeping when the digital door of a vehicle or home is touched by anyone. This system is thus essential for preventing unauthorized access of your house or car.

You can install a keyless entry system in your house as well as in your vehicle. Now a day, theft cases are increasing everywhere and the key based locking system is no longer a safe option. It is quite easy for thieves and robbers to open the traditional key based doors either with duplicate keys or some other way. Therefore for complete safety of your house and vehicle, you should install digital security systems at both places. With this system, you will never be in tension of leaving your house and vehicle out of your supervision.

In case your keyless remote stops functioning or you forget to remember the entry code of the door system, you can get repair services of the keyless digital remote from a car dealer or licensed locksmith. If you are on a journey and have lost your car remote, then too you can get a replacement of your lost remote from a local car dealer. The keyless entry remote systems are compact in size and there are numerous companies that manufacture these security gadgets. You can buy integrated electronic door lock systems either from a local dealer’s shop or an online shop.

Modern keyless car lock appliances are equipped with added functions such as fuel indicator, temperature indicator of the car, etc. Therefore for security and added functionalities, you should install the latest version of a digital remote system in your car. However, this security system is also not a safe option anymore as thieves are now using high tech encrypted software’s for unlocking the car doors.

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