HHO Or Hydrogen on Demand Boost Water For Gas Technology to Supplement Fossil Fuel in Cars

The benefits of using water as a supplemental energy source for your car seem too good to be true. The system sounds so unbelievable that people can easily dismiss it as a scam or a hoax. But people seem to forget that harnessing Hydrogen to use as energy carrier for batteries and other energy sources. The water for gas system works the same way by harnessing the energy from Hydrogen, pumping it into the car’s engine and supplementing the energy from the traditional fossil fuels whether gasoline or diesel.

The water for gas kit is an electrolysis-based HHO kit that feeds the engine Hydrogen energy to supplement the gasoline. It doesn’t work by feeding water directly into the engine and making the car run on water alone. There is no way water alone can make a traditional car engine work. The only way that would work is if your car runs on steam which is highly impossible. The water for gas technology works because it involves harnessing the energy from Hydrogen not feeding water to the engine.

However just because the system works does not mean there are no scammers out there trying to make a quick buck by claiming that they have systems and kits that make cars run on water alone. That is clearly a scam and one that capitalizes on the ignorance or confusion of some consumers. Water for gas systems that truly work, do not promise to make a car run on water alone. They promise to increase the mileage per gallon of your fuel. The “water for gas” system is not the same as the fallacy being perpetuated about water being used as the main fuel. These two systems are not the same. Clearly water won’t work as fuel for regular engines.

The water for gas system involves producing HHO and increasing gasoline or diesel mileage. The system is also different from Hydrogen-fuelled vehicles as obviously a regular engine is not designed to use purely Hydrogen. This system only uses HHO as a fuel booster.

Many critics of the system are reasoning that this can’t be real because if it were it would be all over the news. The surprising thing is despite the limited media coverage the product has had from traditional media has not hampered the growth of the product and the increasing number of car owners that have had their cars fitted with the water for gas unit.

There are also plenty of testimonies from car owners regarding how the water-for-gas kit has helped increase their mileage per gallon to at least 50%. That is a significant amount of savings that can really help car owners manage their fuel expenses. The water for gas may not be “all over the news” in traditional media but there are a significant number of write-ups about the technology online. You can also visit auto shops, mechanic’s garages and car dealerships and you will discover just how many car owners have benefited from this technology and just how much more are interested in it.

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