How To List an ATV For Sale

When you have large objects taking up space in the garage, the natural inclination is to sell them. In the Internet age, listing items like an ATV for sale has changed dramatically. A small written ad in the newspaper, or a sign simply won’t get the job done in a timely manner. When you want to sell an All Terrain Vehicle quickly and for a reasonable price, your best option is to post it online. However, because people have become skeptical of everything on the Internet, your post will risk getting unnoticed if it is not made properly. With a bit of time and a few key bits of information, you can turn your ATV for sale post from just another listing into a valuable piece alluring a multitude of Internet traffic.

More Pictures, More Clicks

There is a rule with Internet shoppers- the more pictures you offer them, the more they trust you and your credibility. If you are trying to sell something and your post swears the item is “in good condition,” but does not have any proof, you will be completely ignored by most potential buyers. One picture significantly increases your chances, but more pictures are exponentially more valuable. You want a really nice shot of the entire vehicle, but you should also include images from every angle.

If there are interesting graphics on the sides, get close ups of them. Is it a popular or high quality brand name? Snap a shot that highlights the brand. If the steering column looks nice, take a picture of how it will look when you’re driving. Let the shopper visualize him or herself driving the vehicle. By painting a picture with a large number of images, you not only build more trust with the potential buyer, but you also force them to spend more time looking at your post. This will make them more and more invested, and much more likely to respond.

Don’t Hide What They’ll Eventually Find

No one buys an expensive piece of hardware without first seeing it in person. Even if someone responds favorably to your ATV-for-sale listing, there are still several steps before their money is in your hand. If there are scratches or dents, don’t try to hide them in your photos–explain them in the post. If it needs a repair of some kind, give the interested party a fair warning. You may think that you are hurting the value, but in reality by hiding the flaws of a product you are setting yourself up for a lot of wasted time with angry shoppers. They are going to inspect every inch of the vehicle before they hand you a dime. If they find something you’ve hidden they will walk away immediately.

Instead, if you are open and honest with people online, they will be able to make an informed decision on their own. When someone makes a decision independently based on all the available information, they become that much more invested. It is much less likely that they will suddenly change their mind.

Take the time to make your post stand out, and before long the clunky object clogging up your garage will go from an ATV for sale to someone’s brand new All Terrain Vehicle.

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