Acura RLX Sedan Dead In North America After 2020 Model Year

It will continue to be sold in other markets as the Honda Legend.

It looks like time as run out for the Acura RLX, at least in North America. Automotive News reports that the luxury sedan is being axed from Acura’s lineup after the 2020 model year. It won’t completely disappear from existence however, as it will continue to be sold in other markets under the Honda brand where it’s called the Legend.

The news broke through a communication from Honda to its dealership network in North America. A representative reportedly told Automotive News that the company’s RDX and MDX SUVs are now the volume sellers for North American buyers, and that’s absolutely true when looking at Acura sales figures for 2019. The RDX was Acura’s best-selling vehicle last year with 62,876 units sold. Combined, RDX and MDX racked up nearly 115,000 sales.

So Long, RLX:

The RLX wasn’t

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Watch Bugatti Veyron Get A Special Application Of Ferrari Paint

It looks great and is easy to change back to the original look.

The folks at DK Engineering generally specialize in Ferraris, so its Bugatti Veyron needs to have at least a little link to the Prancing Horse. The company sent the supercar to Topaz Detailing to undergo an interesting process to make the exterior Ferrari Blu Abu Dhabi.

This isn’t simply a repaint. Instead, Topaz Detailing uses its TopazSkin system that’s similar to a wrap but uses actual automotive paint. There’s a special base coat, and then the desired color goes over the top.

If the owner ever wants to, the material tears off. In this case, it would expose the original combination of champagne and silver. The two-tone color scheme is far more understated than the new shade of blue.

The Veyron Was One Of The Most Important Cars Of Its Era:

After applying TopazSkin, the company

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Virtual Le Mans 24 in association with Motorsport Games announced

A virtual Le Mans 24 Hours will be staged on the original 13/14 June date of the race prior to its postponement to September by the coronavirus pandemic.

Organised by the FIA World Endurance Championship, Le Mans organisers the Automobile Club de l’Ouest and Motorsport Games, the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual will feature a 50-car entry consisting of LMP2 and GTE machinery, with four-driver teams made up of a mix of professional drivers and Esports racers.

All entries will be required to run at least two professional drivers with an FIA international license, and no more than two Esports drivers in a team.

WEC CEO Gerard Neveau explained in a briefing that over 30 applications have already been submitted for the event, which will be staged on the rFactor 2 platform rather than Forza Motorsport used for the Le Mans Esports Series.

Entries will include teams from

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Here’s what 5 iconic cars would look like if they were designed like Tesla’s futuristic vehicle

Tesla Cybertruck.
Tesla Cybertruck.


When Tesla unveiled its futuristic Cybertruck last November, it certainly got credit for introducing a design that looked vastly different from anything else on the market.

Its wedge-like body drew praise from many big names in Silicon Valley, and less than a week after CEO Elon Musk debuted the truck, he tweeted that Tesla had received 250,000 pre-orders.

But the truck also instantly became a meme. Its allegedly extra-strong glass shattered during a demo and people compared it to everything from low-quality video games to rubber doorstops.

Spy cars and retro sci-fi designs inspired the Cybertruck

cybertuck inspiration halo espirit blade runner
cybertuck inspiration halo espirit blade runner

Microsoft, YouTube/MovieClips, Getty

Musk has pointed to several sources of inspiration for the Cybertruck’s design. One, the Lotus Espirit, was a sleek car driven by James Bond in the 1977 film “The Spy Who Loved Me” that even transformed into a submarine.

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