Ring Breaks Into Car Security Business, Tesla Takes First Dibs

Rings Gets Into Car Security Business
Rings Gets Into Car Security Business

From home to in-vehicle security, Amazon’s expanding its coverage.

Tech companies are no stranger in transcending into car business. Some of the oldest of which was Japan’s Pioneer, which started out as a audio equipment company, and then entered the automotive business in 1975 with the world’s first car stereo. And of course, Apple is one of the most popular, with its CarPlay now available in almost every brand new vehicle.

Amazon is pretty much on the same path with Ring. The home security company announces three new products for cars, alongside other innovations in Amazon’s expansive devices and services extravaganza.

Rings Gets Into Car Security Business
Rings Gets Into Car Security Business

Ring’s new products – named Ring Car Alarm, Ring Car Cam, and Ring Car Connect – will be available next year. Tesla will be the first to adopt the system, with the Ring Car Connect getting employed across Tesla’s lineup in 2021 for $199.99.

Ring Car Alarm is pretty much your typical car alarm, except that it’s an OBD-II wireless device and can be connected to the Ring app, other Ring devices, or even to Amazon Alexa hardware. Ring Car Cam, on the other hand, provides an extra set of eyes in your car even when unoccupied. It can work via wifi or LTE via an add-on plan and offers emergency crash detection, traffic stop recording, and even check your car while parked.

Speaking Of Tesla:

Ring Car Connect supplements both mentioned products through an API that provides customers access to mobile alerts whenever needed. This includes detected movements around the vehicle or even watch footages recorded through the cameras. It can even detect if your car’s locked or not.

As mentioned, these three new Ring products will be available as early as next year, which will retail for $59.99 for the Ring Car Alarm, while the Ring Car Cam and Car Connect both cost $199.99 apiece – add-on connectivity plans excluded.

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