Car Designer Frank Stephenson Reinvents the Child Car Seat

  • Former BMW and McLaren designer Frank Stephenson has turned his hand to making what the company claims is going to be the world’s safest child car seat.
  • The BabyArk seat was created in conjunction with an Israel defense contractor and has a shock-absorbing spiral adapted from tanks.
  • The seat will be expensive—how expensive, the company’s not yet saying—and is expected to go on sale online to U.S. buyers in late 2021.

    Any list of the most influential and accomplished automotive designers would have to include Frank Stephenson. He designed BMW’s first crossover, reinterpreted the old Mini and Fiat 500 in modern form, and penned more supercars than we’d venture to count. But three years ago, Stephenson left his job as design director at McLaren to set up his own consultancy. And now he’s teamed up with an Israeli defense contractor—not to redesign the battle-proven Merkava tank, but to rethink the

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