Transforming Your Bus to Camper Van? 4 Helpful Tips

Many people dream to own a camper van flowing along the highway, and they wonder whether to look for cars for sale in Dubai to purchase a new one or upgrade their current bus to become one, while there are many great options out there such as Mercedes Benz, Fiat, Citroen, Volvo, and more, but transforming your own bus to a camper van gives your trips a whole different experience.

What should you look for to determine whether or not your camper van suits your needs and lifestyle? What kind of tricks can you do to make it a better place?

No matter how nice the van looks from the outside, its interior quality and amenities play a big part in determining whether it will meet your expectations.

What kind of accommodation should the van provide? Is it better to be full-sized? What about heating, air conditioning, shower facilities, toilet, kitchenette, etc?

If you don’t have DIY skills or don’t know where to start, here are some tips and tricks you should consider when preparing your bus to be a camper van.

Seats and Beds

Prepare your camper vans to have travel seats with a seat belt; camper vans often have weak seats that can’t carry passengers or make them comfortable.

So, since you are traveling for long hours, opt for efficient, comfortable, and reliable seats; if you are to install additional travel seats, ask a professional to make the installation for you.

Regarding the beds, the best practice is to match the number of them with the number of travel seats, because you know, what’s the point of using six beds if you are traveling with only two people?

Not to mention that the capacity of your bus might not handle this number of beds and seats.

Interior Design

There are a lot of camper van interior ideas and vehicle conversion plans to choose from, and there are many options to customize and personalize your bus interior; think about your needs and how you can benefit from the interior space.

You can be creative and do whatever you want, and this is what distinguishes a bus, you can choose what you want and need exactly.

Consider buying some amazing lights that look like a starry sky at night; they are a beautiful addition to your interior design.

Take your time to think about what you need, like how many times you will sleep in the cart, do you need a kitchen? How much storage do you need?

For example, chefs may want a kitchen, while those who stay in serviced sites do not need a bathroom. Also, a fixed bed is a blessing for those who love their comfort.

Choose wisely. The design is a key in this small cart; you can go to a mobile home merchant where you can look at the various designs to help you know what is the best for you.

Additional External Parts

Many camper van owners live outside as they do inside and on this basis, there is a wide range of equipment, items, and tools that you may want to put on the outer surface of your truck.

A sunshade is necessary, as it provides shade and shelter to eat or hang out in the open air.

An extra high ceiling can be used in smaller trucks to provide a fixed room and additional storage.

There are also elements such as satellite dishes, solar panels, and other types of equipment that you can find at home traders.

We also recommend looking for a car selling website that has a model with air conditioning, it will make trips in hot weather better and much more fun.

Add a roundabout seat, refrigerator, lighting, connecting electricity, diesel heater, and TV.

Extra Storage

Storage is necessary for a camper van, and you always end up needing more than you think.

When converting your bus, choose custom cabinets individually on the side of the truck.

Also, you should make sure to keep your stuff in a safe place, for example, the storage of the kitchen must have safe places to maintain cups and table tools safely while driving.

Bonus Tips

  1. Rent a Camper Van

If you don’t have the time or desire to DIY your bus, or you don’t want to buy one, why not rent a camper van to test the waters? You can then see if a van life is right for you before spending on a convertible one.

Hit the road, explore, and enjoy life in the mobile home. There are many places to rent a camper van from and if a camper van is not the right option for you, you can rent a small RV or a motorhome. Check out local rental companies, they have many options!

  1. Use a Small Pop Up Tent

This one can come in handy for bulky items that you don’t want to keep in the camper van when you stop for a day or two.

  1. Accessories 

Accessories are the final piece of the puzzle; ensure you get the most out of transforming your camper van and have a fun camping experience by adding some extra accessories.

There are many different accessories available but only a few that I would consider necessary.

Remember not to take anything that is not critical, you’ll end up needing extra storage.

Examples of some accessories:

  • Transporter wind deflectors
  • Transporter windscreen wrap
  • Transporter rear bumper protector
  • Tailored carpet van floor mats
  • Transporter diesel heater
  • Magnetic Trokot privacy shades
  • Thermal and soundproofing
  1. Prepare Your Shopping List

Make two lists, a wish list and a basic one, think about what you want out of the truck, and what activities you will be doing, to know exactly what to buy and what not to.

  1. Opt for Car Insurance

Have insurance for the camper van, it is really important to make sure that you are insured for the things you intend to do.


It is advised to look at other transfers to get some inspiration, and have an idea of how to design your van.

You can talk to other people who already made their own camper vans to discover what suited them to consider in your bus and what didn’t to avoid.

Ask them if they had the choice, what would they do differently?

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