What Effect Does the Number of Ohms Have When Choosing a Car Subwoofer?

When it comes to speakers, size matters. Similarly, when buying a subwoofer, you may be advised to consider the size of the unit that you should buy. Since this kind of speaker is specifically designed to reproduce the lowest range of audible sound frequencies, the size of woofers account to the range of bass sounds and notes that it can reproduce. Also, consider the space on which you plan to accommodate that speaker in your car. The key is to do measurements on the size, space and purpose on which the speakers are meant to be used. However, size and space are not the only things that should be measured when choosing the best subwoofer for your sound system applications. You also need to measure the amount of circuit current resistance or power impedance that the subwoofer requires to operate. Hence, it is important to consider a subwoofer’s ohm ratings.

Car audio enthusiasts have long grown passion in finding the best subwoofer speakers that they can install in their SPL war cars. They are always in quest for the most powerful subwoofer speakers that they could find, complementing their existing in-car audio systems by delivering the lowest possible ranges of bass sounds and notes. For both SPL competition and ordinary car sound systems, one important point that must be considered when choosing a subwoofer speaker is its wiring or sound system application specifications. More importantly, pay attention to its ohm ratings.

Ohm levels or ohm ratings refer to the measurement of resistance to the flow or electricity or current within a circuit. In the case of subwoofer speakers, high resistance values or ohm levels means greater resistance to the flow of current in which the speaker operates and lower values means less resistance to current flow. A typical subwoofer may have a 4 to 8 ohm rating. The values may go as low as 2 ohms and as high as 30 or more ohms. When you intend to have the speaker wired into a sound system, pay attention to its ohm values to make sure that it meets the specific electrical requirements of the system.

In a typical sound system, many receiver components, such as the speakers, do not work properly when it handles ohm levels that are beyond its operating specifications. Having actual circuit resistance or ohm values that are lower or higher than what the speakers require surely affects the quality of sound that it reproduces. The factors that may affect current impedance into the system in which subwoofers may be wired at include the use of inappropriate types of amplifiers and other receiver devices. Hence, ohm levels pose a challenge to someone who is to combine multiple speakers on one channel for it needs careful calculations on its circuit resistance levels. Failure to consider the ohm values of subwoofers or not following the precise application specifications of subwoofers can be detrimental if it wired into the system that is not designed to work with it.

In a car audio system, subwoofer speakers are equally important as to other in-car sound system components. It is essential to reproducing high-quality low base notes. To be reliable in this regard, it has application and electrical wiring specifications that need to be followed. Neglect or failure to follow and comprehend these specifications may result to very poor sound quality as well as damage to the electrical circuits that operate the other components of your in-car audio system.

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