Future Car Concepts Versus Practicality

We are constantly being surrounded by pictures of what our future car could look like. It’s always a sleek and slender design that has the body covering the tyres. How practical could these models really be though?

The older cars from the 70’s were incredibly wide that took up a lot of space? Do you know why they changed the design? For better movability, of course! Many ideas and concepts you see today are wide and flat. This could assist with the aerodynamics but it would be incredibly difficult to move it around on a suburban street.

The cars of the future don’t seem like family cars. There could be a time in the future where families would probably make use of public transport to drive their children around. The face of public transport could also change seeing that train and bus systems are already making use of modern technology to transport people.

Hovering cars could also be on the cards for the future and this could be exciting for everyone. But it could come with its own challenges. Imagine the car breaks down in mid-air and have no knowledge on how to fix the hovering system. There could be an instance where your hover car is too heavy for the hovering tow truck because it’s carrying dead weight instead of guiding a floating machine. But perhaps the car manufacturers will make provision for this eventuality.

Gigantic engines mean a lot of maintenance. Already, these days we have V-12 engines but it can be a big fuel consumer. With fossil fuels becoming rare we will have to resort to other means of fuel.

The larger the windscreen and panoramic roofs are also a part of our future. It makes the car look interesting and you have a better view of your surroundings. This is especially wonderful when you take a scenic road trip or drive at night. Driving with the beautiful stars above you is an experience second to none.

Electric cars are also quickly becoming a part of our immediate future. They are powered by electricity and soon we will have electric fuelling stations instead of petrol or diesel. There will be special tyres designed for these electric cars to ensure the economy of the driving experience.

With the proper engineering and testing of these future cars we can live an easier and more fun life. After all, the purpose of our future is to help our present.

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