Government Car Auctions – Why You Should Buy

Government Car Auctions are a great place to buy a used vehicle because the government does not want to hold on to these cars and trucks. The longer they hold on to them the more it cost them money so they hold auctions to sell off inventory. This gives us the buyer huge savings off of suggested kelly blue book value. Another reason why it is good to buy at these government car auctions is a lot of these vehicles that are impounded are basically brand new or close to it. So not only can we get these vehicles at great prices but the condition of the vehicle can be next to new. Something that is a lot harder to come by at regular local car auctions.

Government agencies impound cars for all sorts of reasons and a lot of this is to help pay off past debt that the owner has built. Now instead of holding onto these vehicles till they sell at retail they can get rid of a lot of stuff at once at an auction. The longer they hold on to something in an impound lot it cost them money so to cut their losses short they are willing to let these cars and trucks go at incredibly low prices. Did you know that your local car repair shop that has a used car sales lot most likely gets their vehicles from an auction? So by doing this and cutting out the middleman you are able to keep those profits in your own pocket. Depending on the area you are in there can be government car auctions held more than once per month. Obviously larger cities and surrounding areas would be the places to look.

Not only can you save huge off of your next car or truck by buying at a government auction but you can get a vehicle that is in fantastic condition. I’m talking about next to new. Some of these vehicles are very well taken care of and it’s a shame that the previous owners put themselves into this position but then again without them we would not be here right now! Cars and trucks with very low mileage on them. The oil has been changed at the recommended times and the owners just again took the time. Some of this stuff can have after market items on them like custom wheels, spoilers and all sorts of different stuff.

There you have it with just a couple of reasons for buying your next used vehicle at Government Car Auctions. The governments do not want to hold onto these items in inventory which cost them money so we can get them at dirt cheap prices as well as finding some gold gems out there. Cars and trucks that are well taken care of and even have aftermarket upgrades increase the value of the vehicle while still allowing us to get it at extremely low prices.

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