Illegal To Use a Handheld Cell Phone Whilst Driving

In the United Kingdom, a law has just been passed which forbids drivers to use mobile phones whilst on the move. In fact, this is not quite true as the law has been around for some considerable time. Yet the authorities are cracking down on the use of mobile phones on the move and making it a more serious offense.

Up until February 1st, using a mobile phone on the move could lead to a fine of approximately $60. This was hardly a deterrent and people could be seen at all times using the telephone. There have been a number of instances when pedestrians have been killed because of drivers using mobile phones and losing control of their vehicles. The 60-dollar fine was not much of a deterrent for most people. Therefore, on the 1st of February the fine has been increased to $120 together with three points endorsement on the driving license.

This is thought to be able to produce a situation where people will think twice before using a mobile phone. Yet whether this will prove to be useful overall is debatable. The mobile phone has become an essential item for use at all times of the day and even at night.

The days are long past when the only way we could communicate with other people was if we were at home and near our land line phones. Now the mobile phone is useful for general communication and for more “important” communications involving the safety of children, loved ones, and relatives.

The risk of using a mobile phone only becomes noticeable at times when authorities such as the law enforcement are nearby in order to see the crime being perpetrated. The vast majority of car, and other vehicle, drivers will know that they are safe most of the time to use their mobile phone without being caught.

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