Cadillac XLR: The Turnaround Sports Car

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Learn more about this often misunderstood Caddy.

Made for only six model years from 2004 to 2009, the Cadillac XLR didn’t make the kind of market impact which GM hoped for. That’s become too much of a trend in the Cadillac division, so skeptics of the brand weren’t shocked in the least. However, that’s only one narrow view of a sports car which actually spearheaded the modern revolution of the Cadillac brand.

Photo credit: General Motors

After WWII Cadillac was riding high as one of the most coveted luxury car brands in the world. It led the way in design, innovations, and overall classiness. That all changed when the 1970s oil crisis hit and those big land barge sedans and coupes were no longer smiled upon. Many blame GM CEO Roger Smith for dooming Cadillac in the 80s by essentially

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This Is What The Cadillac Escalade Might Have Looked Like In 1959

Can someone make this a reality, please?

Ah, the 1950s. The era is considered the golden age of automotive manufacturing. Coming off from war, the United States transitioned into making war-related items into making consumer goods, including automobiles. By the end of the decade, one of six Americans were working in the automotive industry in one way or another.

As such, American car culture was intense during that time. Hot rods, muscle cars, drag races, and NASCAR – those were just a few of the things that were popularized back then. American car designs were also far out. Tail fins, rocketship styling, and chrome showers were common towards the end of the decade, and Cadillac was one of the prolific users of the “Space Age” designs in its cars.

But what if Cadillac had introduced the Escalade in 1959? As we all know, it wasn’t until 1999 when Cadillac

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