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When a country like ours experiences a sudden downturn economically people become quite desperate. Those who have little regard for the law and the property of others quickly turn to theft to provide an income. Automobiles are easy targets for today’s thieves. Cars can be resold. They can be stripped of valuable devices such as stereo systems, DVD players, and GPS systems, and these items are fenced easily. Cars also can be cutup for parts and sold to parts warehouses. It is easy to see why an automotive security system like Tenon car alarms is in great demand.

Y.T.Tenon Electronic Technology of Guangzhou, China, was established in 1991 as a specialized maker of car alarms and parking sensors. The company was the first to develop and produce two-way automobile security alarms in mainland China in 1998. They produce high quality security and sensor products through a system of experienced engineers and quality control experts.

One-way Car Alarms
Tenon offers two models of this type of alarm. Both the N10 and the 168S-01V offer similar features and some of them are:

  • Auto Central Locking System
  • Anti-hijacking function
  • Simple arm/disarm and lock/unlock controls
  • Auto Re-arming
  • Indicator for any unlocked doors
  • Mute arming mode
  • Two handy key fob controls that easily slip into your pocket.

The N10 has a key fob remote control that handily hangs on your key ring. The 168S-01V’s remote control is a flat rectangular device that easily slips into your pocket. The basic package of both models of the one-way systems includes two remote controls, central processor unit, transmitter/receivers, and wiring harnesses with sensors.

Two-way Car Alarms
Tenon offers two models of two-way car alarms. There is the T20, T10, K10, and K20. Some of the specific features shared by all four models are as follows:

  • Car finder
  • Auto Set
  • Auto Lock
  • SOS transmitter
  • Alarm clock
  • A hitting alarm
  • Theft Warning
  • Remote vibration
  • Key lock/unlock
  • Low transmitter battery warning
  • Mute mode
  • Anti-robbery
  • Auto re-arming

The K10 and the K20 have other, more advanced alarms and settings, which come at a higher price. The basic package of all four models of the two-way models include two remote controls, central processor unit, transmitter/receivers, and wiring harnesses with sensors.

To learn more about some of the Tenon car alarms you can find resources online or go down to your local automotive electronics store.

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