Day: May 18, 2020

Here’s what 5 iconic cars would look like if they were designed like Tesla’s futuristic vehicle

Tesla Cybertruck.
Tesla Cybertruck.


When Tesla unveiled its futuristic Cybertruck last November, it certainly got credit for introducing a design that looked vastly different from anything else on the market.

Its wedge-like body drew praise from many big names in Silicon Valley, and less than a week after CEO Elon Musk debuted the truck, he tweeted that Tesla had received 250,000 pre-orders.

But the truck also instantly became a meme. Its allegedly extra-strong glass shattered during a demo and people compared it to everything from low-quality video games to rubber doorstops.

Spy cars and retro sci-fi designs inspired the Cybertruck

cybertuck inspiration halo espirit blade runner
cybertuck inspiration halo espirit blade runner

Microsoft, YouTube/MovieClips, Getty

Musk has pointed to several sources of inspiration for the Cybertruck’s design. One, the Lotus Espirit, was a sleek car driven by James Bond in the 1977 film “The Spy Who Loved Me” that even transformed into a submarine.

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