How to Write a Sales Advertisement For Your ATV Or Dirt Bike

Writing an effective sales advertisement for your ATV or dirt bike can mean the difference between selling your vehicle or not. This article discusses some things you can do to increase your success at selling your vehicle.

Pointers for Writing an Ad

Price Considerations

Give Basic Information

Be Honest, and Straightforward

Pointers for Writing an Ad: Think about it for a second, the point of writing a sales advertisement is to sell your ATV or dirt bike, quickly and at a good price. It is not rocket science, and can be done effective by anyone. An effective sales advertisement should include the sale price, some basic information about the vehicle, and your contact information. Including too little or too much information can avert interested buyers, reduce your chances of selling your used vehicle, and waste everybody’s time.

An effective sales ad for your ATV or dirt bike should include all the basic information a buyer will need to make an initial assessment of your vehicle.

Price Considerations: How to price your vehicle for sale can be difficult, but if you do your homework you should be able to price it correctly. Factors that can affect price are; age, condition, features, and accessories. One of the mistakes many make when listing the price of a used vehicle is they list it too low. Whatever price you decide on, you should add a couple hundred dollars to the price so you give yourself some room to negotiate. This is a buffer that may be the difference between selling the vehicle or not.

A realistic price with a buffer for negotiation is the best method for selling your ATV or dirt bike quickly.

Give Basic Information: When putting your ad together it is vital that you include the make and model of the vehicle so prospective buyers can determine if the vehicle is right for them. Also you will want to include any special features the vehicle may have to make it more attractive to buyers. If offering any accessories which will be included in the purchase price, you will want to list them in the ad too. Finally you will want to list your contact information. It is recommended to only include your phone, or you may find people showing up unexpectedly to see the vehicle.

Take a look at other ATV or dirt bike sales advertisements, and model your ad after one that appeals to you.

Be Honest, and Straightforward: This section is where a lot of sellers may get into trouble when designing their sales ad. Many tend to hype the ad and the vehicle for sale, far beyond the condition, and capability of the vehicle. It is important that you be as honest and straightforward as you can be. If the vehicle has challenges, state them. If it will need certain repairs, let the prospective buyer know this. It is better to be upfront regarding any factors of the sale, rather then wasting time, or having to deal with them later.

Being honest and straightforward with your ad and with buyers can save a lot of headache later on after the sale has been made.

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