When Was The First Car Invented?

It is very difficult to pinpoint one single person for manufacturing cars. This automobile invention took over four centuries for completion and was a collective effort by numerous people. It is simply impossible to imagine our lives without these four wheelers but did you know that the first car to be invented was actually a three-wheeler!

A Flemish Jesuit missionary, Ferdinand Verbiest traveled to China, manufactured the first steam engine toy car, and presented it to the Emperor of China in 1672.

A French engineer, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, put forth the idea of manufacturing cars for traveling from one place to another. He manufactured automobiles for the French army in 1769. Steam was used to power these vehicles. It could not be used for long distance traveling and had to be stopped every 15 minutes. This small gap would allow steam to build up inside the engine.

Oliver Evans gets the credit for inventing cars in America. He manufactured the first power engine in the year 1789. Later on, Gustave Trove invented electric cars in 1881. This car however, was not a very big success because of its high maintenance costs and extremely lofty manufacturing expenses.

The famous Mercedes Benz led to a major revolution in the automobile industry. Karl Benz, in the year 1885 manufactured the first internal combustion engine car, a model that would lead to several major innovations in the field of automobile industry. These days, numerous models, designs and types of cars from countless companies have been produced for all sections of the society.

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